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Encourage everyone to relax, have fun and network with a fun team building activity!

Team building activities can be a great addition to an evening or dinner event. They can encourage networking and develop team bonding as they create shared memories together. CSR social evenings as a reward or networking opportunity for future talent pool and as part of leadership training are on trend. Whether a pre-dinner activity, a team building activity in between courses or an activity to end the evening on, event managers understand the important role they play in bringing structure and meaning.

There are a host of evening team building and after dinner games available. Choosing the right program for your evening is important for getting the right outcome. Here are a few things to consider when planning. Know the cultural and demographic mix of your delegates. Consider how many people will be involved. Decide on what you want to achieve and the timing and duration of the activity. Think about the venue and any constraints related to available space including audio/visual and internet availability.

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