Polyfin Canggih develop great team culture

Published on Apr 22, 2019


Polyfin Canggih is a market leader in the textile industry with a factory in Bandung, West Java. They were looking for a experiential learning program that would consolidate learning around team culture, effective leadership skills and develop out-of-the-box thinking.

	Beat the Box polyfin indonesia

Objectives in Brief

  • Develop the mindset of an effective leader
  • Creative & analytical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to form optimal teams through proficient coaching & team building skills

	Beat the Box polyfin indonesia


On April 22, 25 Polyfin section heads, managers and assistant managers gathered in Bandung for a two day conference themed “Great Team Culture”.

After a plenary session the group was divided into teams each faced with a metal box. A video described the challenge ahead. They must discover the code to stop the count down. In the box in front of them were all the clues they required. Could Polyfin leaders “Beat the Box”? Even Mr. Indato, one of the directors of Polyfin, was curious to uncover how to defeat it!

Teams set to work completing a series of problem-solving challenges opening the box only to find another 4 locked cases inside. The problems were not straight forward. Creative, analytical thinking was required. And as each problem was very different it required the attention and unique skills of each person in the team to complete each challenge. As the clock ticked on, teams realized that they would need to collaborate with each other in order to stop the count down and successfully complete the exercise. Through cross team collaboration, they were able to find the code and stop the count down.

	Beat the Box polyfin indonesia


The day was an enormous success. Leaders were able to bond and realise the different strengths of others in the group. They realized how innovative thinking was essential to problem solving. Through this exercise they further developed a range of skills essential to being an effective leader including effective communication and active listening. They bonded through shared memory and had fun together in a relaxed and informal environment.

Beat the Box  polyfin indonesia

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